"E. Butts Jr Promotions Gives Georgia Boxing A Father And Son Showcase"

Video courtesy of E.Butts Jr. Promotions

By Coach Jay

"Like father like son" so the saying goes. Well, in the case of the Butts family men, it's not just a saying, it's a 3rd generation reality. And presently at the nucleus of it all is the President and CEO of E.Butts Jr. Promotions, Ernest Butts Jr. It's not at all surprising that Ernest Jr. is a successful ,up and coming Boxing Promoter with several notable shows to his credit. He's been active in the sport of boxing in some capacity his entire life. As a budding amateur he had a total of 86 fights, 42 of those during his time in the Armed Forces. He is a 2 time State Golden Gloves Champion in both the 1980's and 90's and a Southeast Regional Runner Up. After his competitive run, at age 36 Ernest traded his gloves for mitts and began coaching. He was inducted into the Georgia Boxing Amateur Hall of Fame in 2008. But even after all of those eventful moments in the sport, Ernest was still driven to pass on as much of his knowledge as possible to the youth and upcoming amateur fighters. His journey took a turn and led him to one of the most demanding roles he's ever played in the sport. As a boxing Promoter, Ernest has 5 Professional fighters signed to his company and the prospects continue to come, with the hopes of working with one of the most dedicated, and success driven men in the sport of boxing.

Not only has he mentored and guided the lives of hundreds of the state of Georgia's youth, but he also sparked a burning desire to carry the torch of the sweet science onto his very own son, Trayvion Butts.

Trayvion has been involved in the sport of boxing for 14 years. He has had to take time away from the ring over that time in order to deal with health related issues.

Trayvion has been groomed in this sport by a strong legacy of fighters before him, and now after 53 Amateur bouts and a sound training regimen guided by none other that his very own boxing Dad, Macon-Bibb United Boxing's very own product is a Professional in the Lightweight division. With a record of 1-0, Trayvion is preparing to show and prove that he, just like his Father and his Grandfather is ready for all challenges. And on March 9th he will be representing for the home team.

Trayvion will be fighting in the co -main event, but as it relates to the many fans from within the city of Macon who are going to be in attendance to watch this young man display his talents, he is their main

event. This is the third time a "Butts"has strung up a pair of gloves and taken on the ultimate of sports challenges, this is boxing and family history in the making.

"Legacy"- has such defining synonyms as; Inheritance, Bestowal, Gift, and Birthright.

"A family legacy "means the accomplishments, beliefs, actions and guidance you demonstrate in your lives that carry you forward to the future generations in a fashion which allow those family members to adopt and adapt them to make their lives meaningful and productive.

Every Legacy has a beginning and an eventual end. Make no mistake about it, Ernest Butts Sr. knew what a Legacy was as he lay the foundation for the future Butts generations to come. As an amateur, Ernest Sr. fought the likes of "Sonny Liston", he competed in the 1964 Olympic trials and fought against Buster Mathis who went on to fight Joe Frazier in the Finals. Ernest Sr. fought during a time when men of color needed to posses the inner fortitude to fight against elements both inside and out of the ring.

And on Saturday, March 9th, Trayvion and Ernest Butts Jr. take the torch of their birthright and prepare to show Macon and the state of Georgia the true meaning of the Butts Legacy.

(This Event Is A E. Butts Jr. Licensed Promotion)

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