Benjamin "Iron Man" Gravitt Gets His First Win In His E.Butts Jr. Promotions Pro Debut

Photo courtesy Closed Fists Boxing

With 1:44 seconds left in the second round, Benjamin "Iron Man" Gravitt stopped Mordecai Nagba Jr. by TKO in his Pro debut at the Al Sihah Shrine Temple in Macon, GA. Gravitt is a native of LaGrange, GA, but his amateur boxing career brought him to multiple tournaments and appearances at Macon-Bibb United Boxing Club. In this E. Butts Jr. Promotions show titled "The Homeboys Return," it's only fitting that Ben delivered the win in front of the mixed crowd of Macon fans and LaGrange family and friends.

With the guidance of Coach Randy Hardaway, Ben was able to come into his debut with what appeared to be a flawless game plan.

Video courtesy of Closed Fists Boxing

The 5'9" Warrior has been preparing himself for the big jump to the professional level for a very long time. The name Benjamin Gravitt is seemingly synonymous with words like Qualifiers, Regionals, Finals, Golden Gloves and Nationals. Seeing Gravitt compete as a young amateur and witnessing him be recognized as the Southern Golden Gloves "Most Outstanding Boxer" in 2016 was more than enough evidence that this young man was going to make a name for himself in this sport.

And on March 9, 2019, in an impressive fashion, he once again proved that he was born to survive, born to compete and born to win. If you ask Benjamin about his life and his experiences, it won't take long before he gives thanks to God and tells you, "Boxing changed my life". And when you see Ben fight, you can see his determination to overcome not just his opponent but also all the odds stacked against him. When he moves forward and walks down his opponent, his confidence in his ability is present in every punch he throws and his understanding of his craft. Now that he's on the pro level, he sparks your attention when he gets deeper into his orthodox stance, drops his gloves down by his sides and gives you a little razzle dazzle as he shimmies his shoulders before he delivers a devastating jab or straight right hand . Benjamin "Iron Man" Gravitt is truly a Promoter's dream, but needless to say, when he is in the ring to take care of business, he is an opponent's nightmare. It's not by accident or some strange coincidence that he carries the name "Iron Man." He's tough, sustainable, durable and not easily broken. Get use to the name Benjamin "Iron Man" Gravitt because the sport of boxing has to make room for this young up and coming Champion.

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