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"The Movement, The Meaning, The Vision"

The Closed Fist itself is very symbolic. As it relates to "Boxing,"the fist is the origin of the word pugilists used to describe the shape of the ring where two men met in to do battle because the Closed Fist bare's the resemblance to a box shape and so does the boxing ring. All throughout history, people of many ethnicities have defined and redefined what the fist means to them. But in the black community, the fist has always been a show of Power, Strength, Unification and Brotherly Love. From the podium of the 1968 Olympics to the modern day fist bump, the closed fist, although overly viewed as some extreme political statement, is simply a way of communicating without the use of words. In the sport of boxing, the fists are tools used to get a job done. Tools young men have used in the inner cities across the country as a means to defend and survive. Often times without a proper teacher and guidance these tools can and will be misused and the end result often sets the stage for a life that is not easily changed.

Coach Jay started Closed Fists Boxing Academy as a starting point of prevention and recovery. The United States makes up 5 percent of the World's population, but it makes up 25 percent of the World's prisoners. That means in basic terms that 1 out of 4 people behind bars in the World are incarcerated right here in America. The U.S. has the highest prison population in the World, and the World is a big place. And to a kid growing up in the inner city, it can seem overwhelming. The goal of Coach Jay and Closed Fists Boxing is to take those kids that have been affected by uncontrollable circumstances that have influenced them to turn to violence or even the thought of violence as their escape or solution and give them a different way of viewing a World that feels like the weight of it is on their shoulders.

Our goal is to redirect the understanding, and the use of their fists and give them an alternate means.

Five fingers make up the hand, and when four of those come together and roll into the palm of the hand, the thumb secures them into place. Each finger having purpose and each being clearly defined by a much bigger symbolism. Redefine the meaning of something and you can change its purpose.

Closed Fists Boxing's Redefined Meaning of the Fist:

1. The Pinky Finger = "Knowledge"(learning, thinking)

2. The Ring Finger= "Wisdom" (Right Action)

3. The Middle Finger= "Understanding" ( Clarity of Mind)

4. The Index Finger= "Culture" ( A way of Life)

5. The Thumb= "Power" ( Truth), this forms the Closed Fist.

We give full meaning to the fist before we teach any use of a punch. We show how each finger comes together with the other to form a symbolic and literal form of Power. This is one phase of prevention of the vicious cycle of incarceration and destruction of our youth through a level one approach. But our academy understands that you can't just focus on the outward actions without going internal to the root of what may be creating some of the problems in the first place.

Therefore, for all children 16 and under, there is a curriculum in place to cover topics such as, Corrective Thinking, Anger Management, Rational Emotive Therapy, and Gender Issues. Of course all material is first approved by a parent or guardian before being given to a child. Closed Fists Boxing realizes that boxing alone can change only limited areas of a person's life. We don't teach that living by just the fist and becoming the next World Champion is the end to all of life's difficulties. But along with what we teach through boxing, our goal is to take someone who has experienced defeat, or is on the verge of giving up and helping them set and accomplish 4 goals, while allowing boxing to be the one thing bringing it all together, as the thumb does in the fist.

This is why Closed Fists Boxing is more than a Boxing Academy and Coach Jay is more than a coach. Closed Fists Boxing is a Movement. We are focused on bringing about changes with individuals in order to impact the collective. Boxing is the bridge used to bring people of different races, cultural, ethnicities and backgrounds together in order to communicate in one language.

Our Apparel is to promote the vision of "Power and Unification" through the sport of boxing, our movement is simple. We shall stand and fight both in and out of the ring. We shall fight against losing our kids to the Prison Industrial Complex, we shall fight against Childhood Obesity, we shall fight against Cancer, we shall fight against Social and Economic Inequalities. And we will do so without political rhetoric or protest. Boxing has been a sport that has spoken for men and women of all races throughout history. It has allowed racial barriers to be challenged and broken, it has given a hopeless child new life, it has birthed peace in regions that were at unrest until a World Boxing Champion rose from among the people. Your continued support towards the "Closed Fists Movement" gives way to our ability to define and redefine life on terms not guided by race or social status, yet by expression of a person's on power and determination. So when you get your Closed Fists Apparel, find your place you want to impact a change, bow your head and raise a fist in the air. Take a picture and tag us on social media.




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