Deontay Wilder does not accept multi fight $100 million DAZN broadcast deal

The Bronze Bomber is staying home with Showtime Boxing for now

Photo courtesy of Showtime Boxing

Like many others, I was also wondering what in the world was Wilder thinking to turn down DAZN's offer. An offer that left $100 mill on the table. Surely, those who aren't fans of the WBC Heavyweight champion quickly rushed to judgement. Assuming the defending champion is avoiding a matchup with the British superstar Anthony Joshua. Nevertheless, Wilder has stressed on many occasions that he is the most feared man in boxing. And if you've seen The Bronze Bomber in action at least once in his career, it is very clear that he does not step into the ring lacking confidence in his ability to destroy his opponent. So why did Deontay Wilder turn down the DAZN deal?

Surely this wasn't an easy decision for Wilder to make. There were a lot of moving parts and several versions of how this potential deal could've played out. One offer made to come to DAZN was a three fight deal worth $100 million. Wilder would fight Breazeale for $20 million. His second fight would be against Anthony Joshua for the undisputed title for $40 million. The third fight would be a rematch against Joshua for another $40 million to top it off. The alternative deal was a Wilder-Breazeale match up for $20 million, the Joshua fight for $40 million and another fight not yet determined for $20 million.

A fourth and final fight would be against Joshua for another $40 million. To the average person, this seems all to good to turn down, but Deontay Wilder is a fighter who is all too aware of the risks a fighter takes to deliver the entertainment fans love to see.

Therefore, knowing the risk factors for himself as well as his opponent, Wilder is taking more control of the direction his career takes going forward. He realizes the fans are craving the Joshua fight and he promises that when the time is right that fight will definitely manifest. So was the money the reason Wilder turned down the deal? Speculation suggests that Joshua would be walking away with double that of the DAZN/ Wilder deal. Negotiations have seemingly come to a momentary halt and Wilder is staying with Showtime for the immediate future of his boxing career.

On May 18, 2019 Wilder will defend his title against Domnic Breazeale in a seemingly one sided fight and before one punch has been thrown, this seems to be a sure win for Wilder. It is still yet to be seen if his decision to walk away from a guaranteed deal from DAZN is the best move for his career.

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