Flint, Michigan Represents In "Mac-Town"GA. With A First Round TKO

Video Courtesy of Closed Fists Boxing

It's been almost ten years since a teenage kid from Flint, Michigan won a National Silver Gloves championship, and gave spectators more than an a idea of what the future would look like for Darrion Lawson in the sport of boxing. And on Saturday night among family and friends at the Al Sihah Shrine Temple in Macon,Ga. the journey began. In his Pro debut, Darrion Lawson did not disappoint. From his ring escorts, all the way down to the Michigan Wolverine (Blue and Gold) trunks that boasted "Flint" on the front. There is no mistaking the origin and lineage of his boxing pedigree.

And although Darrion is the cousin to Andre Dirrell who was a bronze medalist in the 2004 Olympics and the former IBF interim Super Middleweight champion, and Anthony Dirrell , the current WBC Super Middleweight champion, he doesn't need to name drop in order to make the statement that he is nothing short of the real deal and a force to be reckoned with in the 164 lb weight division.

From the opening bell Lawson was poised and focused on the task at hand. His opponent, Stanley Alexander, tasted the Southpaws speed and power within the first 18 seconds of the first round. Lawson has a laser accurate jab that sets up perfectly for his powerful straight left hand. He showed seasoned ring generalship and forced the action from start to finish. By the end of round one Lawson had taken the fight completely out of Alexander and his corner could see their fighter was unable to face another round of punishment.

The sport of boxing has a ton of talent spread across all weight classes. But when it comes to class, humility, intelligence, and maturity, these are often rare personality traits in fighters. Darrion Lawson is a combination of each of these characteristics topped with a mountain of talent to support. He is good for the sport of boxing, and a solid image for younger fighters to emulate.

And although he's surrounded with enough boxing stardem to send the average person's ego into another world, he maintains his integrity and an approachable disposition. I only got a few minutes to speak with this young man, but he exudes all the things that make you want to see more of his career in the ring accompanied by all the success he can gather. Darrion Lawson is a boxing Class Act.

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