If Money Is Power, What Is Time?

We've all heard the saying, "Time is money."

Well here's a Quick Tip to take into your leisure time over the Weekend.

All our lives we have heard people tell us that time is money. Well how true is this statement. Can money buy you more time? Emphatically No! Nonetheless, maximizing your time to pursue a goal can in fact bring about more money.

One minute of your life is 60 seconds and one hour of each day is 60 minutes. Every morning you are fortunate enough to awake, you have the potential of 24 hours in that prospective day. That is 86,400 seconds accredited to your Life Account. Ask yourself, how am I using my time? Am I being aware of where and with whom I "spend" my time throughout my day, week etc. There's 232 days remaining in this year of 2020. When you entered this year you had 31,536,000 seconds credited to our Life Account. Now stay with me, because I just threw a lot of numbers at you that show you what you are given without having to pay out any money, it's given to you.

Yet, many of us will waste more time than the amount of money we have made in our entire lifetime. The most valuable asset you will ever posses will be your time. Just like money, we spend our time where and how we choose to. Unfortunately, we usually spend our time on and with the wrong people throughout our lives. The similarity between "Time and Money" is this, they can both be spent.

The difference between the two, one can be replaced and the other, well, once it's gone you can say goodbye to it forever. Realizing that time is your greatest investment will allow you to make a daily and monthly plan on how to realistically gain the money you desire. But in your quest to increase the balance of your bank account or investment portfolio, remember, the money you chase is a number. Numbers are infinite and constant. Let that sink in for a minute.

During this time of chaos and financial distress, there is hidden opportunity. For with every difficulty, there is an even bigger chance to make a major change that may be epic. Since we only get 24 hours to do whatever it is we need to do, let's focus our minds on those ideas that will allow us to create our financial freedom. And once we become diligent enough to reap the fruit of our new time management discipline, we will see opportunities open up that will allow us to buy back some of those hours in our 24 that we are forced to render over to that job that continues to bribe us out of our dreams and aspirations.

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