Jarrett Hurd (23-0-0 ,16 KO's) and Julian Williams (26-1-1, 16KO's) go to war in Fairfax

Julian Williams pulls off the upset to gain the straps

Fox Live on PBC opened the night with two 160 lb middle weights who got the action started at the EagleBank Arena. Korobov vs Aleem gave us an appetizer of sorts towards the action to come. What seemed to be a clear victory for the Russian Korobov, was called a draw by the judges after first calling it a decision for Korobov. The Virginia State athletic commission called the initial ruling a mitake.

Super Lightweights Velasco vs Barrios comes to an end after a viscous body shot by Barrios brings Velasco to his knees in 1:16 seconds in the second round as Barrios continues his undefeated win streak. And in our main event, the twelve round title fight of two determined Super welterweights for the unified IBF and WBA titles.

This was a quick starter for Williams as he won the first round and in round two, drops Hurd with a shot to the top of the head. Round three Hurd rallied to secure the round but the fourth round was a completely different look as Williams displayed some blistering shots that landed clearly and consistently. Rounds five and six were power displays by both fighters, it became a tug of war that began to lean in Hurd's favor.

Hurd had cuts over both eyes by the second half of the fight and had continued problems with his cut man applying far too much vaseline to the eyes creating minor vision problems for Hurd. But the eyes were the least of Hurd's problems, it was the continued attacks that Julian Williams brought to Hurd the entire fight.

Hurd fought a hard fight in the second half, but it was not early enough to secure and retain the titles. Williams edged "Swift" in most of the bout's firefight sequences to score a unanimous decision (116-111, 115-112, 115-112) and become the new unified champion Saturday night.

Photo: Sporting News

Once the ring announcer said the words "and the new", IBF and WBA champion, J Rock Williams dropped to his knees in tears of obvious joy and excitement. If you were fortunate enough to see the fight, then you witnessed the dedication and sacrifice fighters put into their craft. Both fighters left their all in the ring and both showed true class and maturity.

Williams was asked if he wanted to do a rematch next, or fight the winner of the June 23 WBC title rematch between Tony Harrison and Jermell Charlo, but he put that to the side for now.“That’s not my business right now. I’m gonna just enjoy my win,” he said. “If Jarrett wants a rematch, we can do it in Philadelphia. I’m sure Philadelphia will welcome him just like I was welcomed.”

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