Middle Georgia's

"Gloves Not Guns, Boxing Showcase"

E. Butts Jr. Promotions & Kingdom Boxing X Fitness

Team up to make a difference in the Community.

The Centers for Disease Control says Georgia's rate of deaths from firearms ranks 15th among the states.

Definitely not a category to be proud of if you are a resident of Macon or Warner Robins. Nevertheless, Macon-Bibb County is well on its way to surpassing the number of deaths due to gun violence eight months into the year, as compared to this time in 2021.

No more than(twenty-five) miles away, the city of Warner Robins is experiencing its very own spike in deaths related to gun violence. City leaders in Warner Robins are pleading with the community to get involved to help bring an end to this dilemma that is taking lives, ruining families, and destroying a peaceful existence that is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

But hope for a positive change is not lost. Everyone wants to see their communities heal from the plague of gun violence, but there are two Boxing Gyms in the Middle Georgia area that won't stand by and do nothing.

E. Butts Jr. Promotions/ Boxing Academy of Macon, Ga. and Kingdom Boxing X Fitness of Warner Robins are taking unified steps to send a message of hope and positivity to those who are taking the wrong steps towards solving their problems with the use of guns and violence.

Ernest Butts Jr. is a name that is synonymous with the words, "help," "change," and "community". As President and CEO of E.Butts Jr. Promotions, and proprietor of the E. Butts Jr. Boxing Academy in Macon, Ga., Ernest is no stranger to the obligation and responsibility each of us must have in order to change our communities for the better. Although he is a Georgia Amateur Boxing Association Hall of Fame inductee, to the many youths he has worked with in over 40 years in the boxing world, he is simply known as, "coach."

Ernest has a genuine interest in bringing about a change in the lives of young people through the sport of boxing, both in and outside of the ring.

He grew up in the sport and knows firsthand the impactful role the sport has played in the lives of so many people. For most boxing fans, the experience of the sport comes from the comfort of a living room couch or the occasional seat inside a venue under the bright lights. But for Coach Butts, it's an inside look at the lives of the many troubled teens trying to gain some semblance of direction. Boxing is a safe haven, and the gym is a refuge for so many of the young people who enter the doors. Most boxing gyms become corner stones to the growth and development of those who have either been given up on or have almost given up on themselves. A boxing coach is so much more than a person teaching you how to stand and how to throw a proper punch. He or she is a role model and mentor, a parental figure of sorts.

Boxing and its coaches have a special connection to the community. For boxing itself is somewhat of a microcosm of life.

In life, we are all faced with challenges. Some of those challenges are capable of knocking you off your feet at times, but you must decide to get up again and shake it off in order to press on to the next step. Boxing coaches make themselves available to their fighters on so many more levels than just the ring. Often times you will find that the young man or woman that is considering a gang as a possible alternative, simply needs someone to be patient and care enough to listen.

Boxing is more than a sport, it's a discipline and a mindset that creates a way of life. It builds confidence and teaches those who get involved at a young age how to think and make better decisions. Coaches like Kevin "KD" Miniano of Kingdom Boxing X Fitness are on the front lines doing everything possible to be a guiding light for the youth in the community. Recently, Coach KD and Kingdom Boxing Gym hosted a back-to-school party and school supply drive for the students of (Houston County) Warner Robins, Ga. They gave out 200 backpacks and showed their love and support for the young people of the community. This is the behind the scenes work that must be done in order to build and heal our communities from the painful results of gun violence. Although it may not be the cure, it's a start.

And surely Coach KD and his team are thankful for the successful showing of support of the event.

(Closed Fists Boxing does not own the rights to the music)

Coaches are community leaders that wear multiple hats. And presently, Coach Ernest Butts Jr. and Coach KD have come together to create an initiative through the sport they both know and love, called, "Gloves Not Guns".

It's a message to anyone and everyone that there is another way to manage our conflicts and resolve our issues that don't involve guns and the result of a life being taken. This event is a collaborative effort and will require the support of all the Middle Georgia communities and coaches throughout the state and beyond.

On Saturday September 17, 2022, located at Kingdom Boxing X Fitness on 112 Constitution Dr in Warner Robins, Ga. there will be an amazing showcase of talented boxers from all over the southeast and beyond, putting on a show to prove that hard work and determination can overcome all odds. It's going to be a great time, in a positive environment that will award 30 belts for each of the 30 bouts. Coaches there will be a $30 registration fee per boxer.

For more information on the event, contact: Coach Ernest Butts @ebuttsjr on Instagram or

Coach KD @kingdomboxing478 on Instagram

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