Spence Vs Garcia Is One Of The Boxing Highlights Of 2019

This Is Truly A Big Deal Going Down In Texas For The Welterweight Division

By Coach Jay

Arlington, Texas at AT&T Stadium will be the scene of someone's unblemished record going away. The build up, the hype, and the press have been nothing less than appropriate to introduce a fight that has so much fan fair. And now with only hours left before two elite caliber fighters come face to face in what many see as the type of match up boxing has been in need of since the days of best verses best when boxing was fortunate enough to host rivalries like, "Ali vs Frazier", "Leonard vs Hearns", "Leonard vs Duran"and "Tyson vs Holyfield."

It's always been said that "styles make fights." Nonetheless, in the case of the four division Champion Mikey Garcia, there's a lot more to take note of than just his style of boxing. Garcia (39-0 ,30 KO's) has gone up two weight classes to get the opportunity to solidify a pound for pound best fighter in boxing acknowledgement. Although the odds seem to be stacked against him in more than a few ways, let's take a closer look at one fact in particular, that is, Mikey Garcia is far from a longshot. He has tons of ring

experience and more than enough Big stage background.

Garcia has met and destroyed the likes of Adrian Broner, Sergey Lipinets and Robert Easter Jr. The 31 year old comes from a solid pedigree as a professional and amateur to boot. Garcia comes from a family of fighters, which leads a boxing enthusiast to believe he stands a chance to make a go of it. Both fighters posses the ability to hurt or stop their opponent at any given moment. But the Southpaw Errol Spence Jr. is a beast of a different kind and that has to be a concern for Mikey Garcia. Spence (24-0, 21 KO's), is defending his title in his backyard and on his first pay-per-view main event card. Spence towers 3 inches over Garcia and has 4 inches of a reach advantage, yet, those factors should still be the least of Garcia's concerns on Saturday night. Errol Spence Jr. is the type of fighter that constantly moves forward and absorbs any and all types of heavy shots his opponent can deliver. During Garcia's training camp, he's been put in with guys that would give him the feel for fighting a bigger guy as he puts on weight.

But if you ask Errol Spence Jr. he is not concerned with the training and prep work that has taken place in Garcia's camp. Nor is he basing his ability to win off of the size advantage he comes into Saturday night's fight with. Both fighter's have the confidence in their own skills to win, and neither of them is showing any sign of weakness. And when you view this fight on paper it appears to be both fighter's toughest to date. But the odds lean heavily in the favor of Spence. Even though Garcia has a more diverse and lengthy track record, Spence has speed, accuracy, aggression and precision counter punching skills. For Garcia, everything that makes Spence the fighter most guys fear is everything he looked for in choosing his next opponent.

Fight card, odds


Errol Spence Jr. (c) -400 Mikey Garcia +300 IBF Welterweight title

David Benavidez -1250 J'Leon Love +600 Super middleweights

Luis Nery -3333 McJoe Arroyo +100 Bantamweight

Mikey Garcia is looking to make a place for his name and his family's name in the history books. Meanwhile, Spence is merely looking to add another notch in his Title belt while also proving himself worthy of being the one to bridge the gap Floyd Mayweather left in the sport of boxing. Arlington, Texas will be the proving grounds of two undefeated warriors coming out to prove their points.

Closed Fists Boxing Prediction

Pick: Spence In Unanimous decision

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