The "Destroyer" Takes Down "King Kong"

By winning the WBC eliminator, Andy Ruiz gets one step closer to life at the top and a title shot.

Andy Ruiz made a big statement in an even bigger victory over Luis Ortiz on Sunday in California, winning him the WBC eliminator. Dropping Ortiz twice in round two and once in round seven, Ruiz put on an exhibit, showcasing his power and stamina for twelve rounds in what could possibly be considered the biggest fight of his career. With the victory, he puts himself in the conversation for a title shot. Ruiz mentioned post fight that he has his hopes focused on a fight with Deontay Wilder. The former WBC heavyweight champion was in attendance for the fight. Wilder has defeated Ortiz twice himself. Wilder is scheduled to fight Robert Helenius in October; Ruiz has stated that if Wilder is victorious in that fight, he wants to make Wilder his next opponent. Deontay came into the ring post fight and gave both fighters their props on giving the fans what they came to see and stated clearly that after he handles his business in Brooklyn on October 15th, he is willing and ready to get it on with Ruiz.

Andy Ruiz mentioned he wants to be more active and fight more during the year. He stated that he is ready to become World Champion again and bring the belt back to Mexico.

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