The "Destroyer" vs "King Kong"

Former unified champion Andy Ruiz takes on the heavy hitter Luis Ortiz.

The "Destroyer" verses "King Kong," let the hunt begin!

The Mexican American former heavyweight Champion, Andy Ruiz, is seeking to regain his place in the top spot. But he must first walk the path that leads to the Cuban heavyweight known as King Kong.

With a record of 34-2, 22 KO's, Ruiz is not someone to take lightly on any given night. He shocked the world in 2019 when he won the WBO, WBA, IBF, and IBO titles by defeating Anthony Joshua, making him the first fighter of Mexican heritage to win the world heavyweight championships. He lost the titles to Joshua in a rematch that caused many to ask the question, "Was it a stroke of luck?"

Ruiz committed the cardinal sin of a fighter, and that is, he justified his rematch loss to Joshua. Saying he did not take his training seriously enough and spent too much time celebrating the initial victory against Joshua. As a professional fighter, you either have results or excuses. And judging from some of the training we've seen Ruiz doing, he is definitely working for the best results possible against a game adversary in the Cuban born Luis Ortiz.

He is truly a worthy opponent with the skills and punching power to match. With a fighting record of 33-2, and 28 wins by knock out, "King Kong" is not just one to be feared but respected by his opponents. At age 43, he is still a notable presence in the heavyweight division and is still on the hunt for a title. Although both fighters have had fights against some of the biggest names in the boxing world, they are both still considered B-list fighters when paired with those fighters. So, here we have a matchup of two fighters who both need this fight to push them into the conversation of title fight once again. The heavy-handed southpaw Ortiz meets the skilled boxer in Andy Ruiz. Although age favors Ruiz, experience and durability are qualities that Ortiz will be looking to exploit.

Sunday, September 4, 2022, will be a fight between two of the top Latino fighters to ever lace up in the sport of boxing. Arena is only a small step closer to a title shot for either fighter, as this fight is considered a title eliminator.

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