Fear of death by Police inspires a young man.

18 year old David Price has his life and every other black person’s life on his mind with his invention, “The Safety Pouch.”


The Safety Pouch was invented by a young man with one goal in mind, and that is, to give black lives a better chance of surviving basic traffic encounters with law enforcement while driving. This pouch serves the purpose of storing all the documents you will need to present during a traffic stop in one central place. There's no complicated installation involved, it clips to the outside of the vehicles window with all documents secured and visible.

The inventions strategic placement allows the driver to have their hands completely visible while also allowing the vehicle occupant to minimize their movements, hence, giving the officer more visibility of the front seat area of the vehicle during the traffic stop. The young inventor has even chosen the high visibility color orange which makes the pouch impossible to miss by an officer.

Although this is a very rational and practical invention that has come from this young, great, black mind. It is troubling to say the least. Troubling that our children have had to grow up seeing and experiencing the very thing that many parents work so hard to protect them from, and that is, Racism and the violence that it births.

This young man is a reflection of all of our teenaged sons, he could be your very own child. Yet, he is not afforded the luxury of just being a teenager, and therefore is aware of the danger associated with black encounters with white law enforcement while doing nothing at all but driving while black. Our father's leave home and are faced with the possibility that they may never return. This is a reality that has existed since the Jim Crow era of 1877 to the 1950's.

And now, a child born in 2001, in the same country in which his grandfather and great grandfather lived through and overcame slavery, only for him to live with the very same possibility and uncertainty that he may leave home and never return. It is truly a testament of the day in time we are living in when a child has to develop an invention that may very well save his or someone's life that has the same color skin as him.

Thank you David Price for your contribution to the survival of the beautiful black man, woman, and child. To get your very own "The Safety Pouch", go to:


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