What Exactly Does It Convey?

When asked by an acquaintance, whats the meaning behind the logo, this is the most genuine answer I can give.

I’ve been a fan and a student of boxing for most of my life. The sport has shown me many things, both through experience and by observing from the stands. Boxing and those who are apart of it’s good and bad, its struggles and successes, are only mirrored images of everyday life. So, when deciding on a logo for my boxing academy, apparel, and movement, I realized nothing could convey “Power of the People, Unity in Struggle and Determination to prevail, like a Closed Fist”

To give you the reader the absolute best, most organic visual effect, here’s a video in the Philippines, shot by a participant of a protest bringing attention to the blatant murder of George Floyd.

This is the people. This is the voice. This is unity. This is the “Closed Fist”

I've gotten emails regarding the sound. I apologize for the technical difficulty. But, the original video, at the point of the gentleman with the "No Justice No Peace" face mask on. The person with the megaphone was yelling, "Say his name!" And the protestor's are yelling, "George Floyd".

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