Why Must We Die To Live?

Why is there an agenda against black people in America?

Why does America treat Black people the same way a dog owner who has no patience and no tolerance for a dog that is trying so desperately to be seen and loved, only to be talked down to, mistreated and disregarded. But the difference is, the cruel and often brutal pet owner can be punished by laws that protect the dog and all animals from human cruelty.

Chris Cuomo summed it up well. We live in two different America's. One that allows the destruction of Black lives and Black families, tearing at the roots of generations past, present and future. While in the other America, the very men guilty of these diabolical acts are cheered on by the hatefulness that created these two America's in the first place.

This country has been swept by a pandemic over the past three months and it has been catastrophic. While at the same time , America has continued a long standing 472 year tradition regarding the lives of Black people. Let this video sink in deep for all people in White America.

When will the Black Man, Black Woman and Black Child see the equality and fairness earned by blood and loss of life that played one of the most vital roles in building this great country? Why must the innocent continue to die just to attempt to obtain the same freedom, justice and equality?

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