Will The Sport Of Boxing Survive Covid-19?

How the long lay off impacts the fighters and the promoters both physically

and financially.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought

a screeching halt to all

professional sports. Leaving arenas worldwide empty and lifeless. The Pugilistic sport of the sweet science is among a long list of fan favorites forced to wait it out and put the health and well-being of competitors and fans first. But unlike many other sports, the sport of Boxing and its fighters operate on very sensitive opportunity based timelines.

Other sports have seasons that have gone through lock outs, strikes and organizational reconstructions, only to regroup and carry on the business at a later date or the following season. But in the sport of Boxing, time is not on the side of the fighter. He or she must take full advantage of every opportunity they get to step into the ring if it makes dollars and cents. I guess it's safe to say that in the world of boxing, those who make a living in the squared circle are operating on a different calendar than most sports. Although many states are in the initial phases of allowing the limited return of sporting events such as boxing. How prepared are those fighters whose discipline to train and eat right comes from the physical presence and the instruction of a coach who has been a guide for a fighter his entire career?

Or what's to become of the fighter who was being looked at for a potential life changing title fight because his last three fights gave him momentum and put him on a promoter's radar as a contender? Professional boxers are what's called "prize fighters." Which is to say, many of them survive and provide for their families from the money they make while fighting.

Promoters such as Golden Boy, Match room Boxing, Top Rank, PBC, DAZN and Mayweather must continue to stay in the planning stages for their return if they they want to survive this challenging financial time. Floyd Mayweather Jr and Leonard Ellerbe have already begun to put their return to the big stage in motion.

“The first thing that were going to do, Mayweather Promotions, we’re going to roll out a nice small show for our younger fighters,” said Ellerbe. “We’ve already secured a venue. It’s just a matter of the timing and we’re looking at potentially the end of July, and all that just depends on what happens here in Las Vegas.” ( credit World Boxing News and backlink)

We wish the best to those throughout the sport who are being affected by the inability to make a living. But we want to encourage them to stay focused on their craft and continue to stay in shape both mind and body because the fans are hungry for their return and are looking forward to the opening bell.

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