World War III Of Championship Boxing

Will the third time around prove to be the charm for GGG or will Canelo close the door once

and for all?

(photo by DAZN)

In the sport of boxing, it's no secret that styles make fights. And throughout the history of the sport,

there's been no shortage of perfectly matched opponents that have left boxing fans on the edge of their seats

wondering if and when they would see a rematch. Boxing is the best sport to reflect life itself. It embodies

pitfalls and defeat, while showing us how greatly appreciated a comeback story can be. In the sporting world, fans

have had the opportunity to watch some of their favorite teams win championships and many have gone on to form

dynasties and mark their place in sports history.

Nevertheless, there is no greater storyline than that of two world class fighters that have come face to face twice, only

to step into the ring a third time to prove who's best. Some of the greatest match ups in boxing history have gone on to

become known as our most notable trilogies:

Ali vs. Frazier

Bowe vs. Holyfield

Gatti vs. Ward

Wilder vs. Fury

Tarver vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Ross vs. McLarnin

Ali vs. Ken Norton

Ray Leonard vs. Duran

Pacquiao vs. Morale

Duran vs. Dejesus

Patterson vs. Johansson

And now for the third time in their five year rivalry, Saul Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin will face off on Sept.17th at

T-mobile arena in Las Vegas. Although retirement has been mentioned, GGG may not take that direction immediately. Although he recently turned 40 years old, he also just defended his IBF title and is now focused on what could be the

biggest challenge of his career. These two fighters have a very long history with each other, a history that goes back to

prior sparring sessions. Canelo, who recently came off a loss to Dmitry Bivol, is hopeful that he will not only defeat GGG

by knock out, but he will be the reason GGG retires. Both fighters are still two of the best to ever step into the ring, and both are locked in and truly understand the assignment they are faced with. This third fight has all of the promotional

hype and bad blood that goes along with the storyline of a great trilogy.

(Video property of DAZN Boxing)

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